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mass surveillance

Dr. Alice Weidel: Address to the Bundestag

Dr. Alice Weidel from Germany’s AfD party addresses the German Federal Parliament, the Bundestag. She speaks clearly and eloquently against the proposition by the government to make covid-19 vaccines compulsory. In doing so, she makes specific points of the very real limitations on government power in a democracy.

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john pilger

War In Europe And The Rise of Raw Propaganda

Veteran journalist John Pilger wrote in February this year on how we in the west now live in a world controlled by propaganda and laments how truth has now become all but meaningless in modern political and commercial life. His analysis of the situation in Ukraine is at once refreshing and depressing.

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larry sanger

The Establishment Left Radicals Have Taken Over Wikipedia

Wikipedia co-founder, Larry Sanger tells Neil Oliver, The Establishment Left radicals have taken over the website.

In this video he discusses how Wikipedia can no longer be trusted to be a neutral source of information as it was originally intended.

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biological warfare

We Live in a Very Dangerous World

Dr. Guy Hatchard shares a chilling vision of modern warfare in which biological and biotechnical weapons are a dystopian reality.

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NASA’s Great Big, No Good Rocket

The tv series Chernobyl reprised an old Soviet joke: What’s big as a house, burns 20 litres of fuel every hour, puts out a shitload of smoke and noise and cuts an apple into three pieces? A Soviet machine made to cut apples into four pieces!

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Chinese Graphite Dominance Threatens Electric Car Ambitions

It seems that Rare Earths aren’t the only minerals for which China seems to have the world over a barrel in their global supply. Germany’s DW reports that supplies of graphite, used in batteries and especially for electric cars, is in short supply, due to power shortages in China.

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he hapua

We Are Now One People

The current Labour government is purposely ceding control of New Zealand’s assets and infrastructure to the Iwi elite because they represent the indigenous people of NZ in line with the unworkable suggestions of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

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saudi oil

Saudi Arabia Considers Selling Oil In Yuan

So What? I hear you yawn… Actually, this is potentially a BIG story.

For decades, the US Dollar has been considered to be the World’s Reserve Currency. That is, the value of the US Dollar has been unquestionably trusted and therefore, it has been the currency that a vast proportion of world trade is conducted in. Oil, coal, gold, silver and other metals, cotton, coffee, wheat and hundreds of others commodities, are all traded in US Dollars.

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Playing The Man And Not The Ball

The Keith Lynch ‘hitpiece’ on Dr. Guy Hatchard, published on this week is a prime example of why trust and faith in legacy mainstream media is in decline.

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