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new zealand

What Came Unstuck in New Zealand?

For two years, New Zealand has largely avoided Covid by strictly controlling its borders. During 2021, the Pfizer vaccine was rolled out to 90% of the eligible population. Therefore in the virtual absence of any confounding effect of Covid infection, NZ should be a unique source of invaluable data on vaccine safety and indeed the government maintains it has all been a huge success.

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crimes against humanity

Crimes Against Humanity Tour

This video outlines the links between the global pandemic, the Great Reset, aka the Forth Industrial Revolution, The World Economic Forum and the future for all of us.

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grant dixon

Boosted in Hospital Surpass Unvaccinated

Grant Dixon presents his analysis of the most recent New Zealand Government statistics on Covid-19 infections and hospitalisations. In this video, Dixon shows that there are now FEWER unvaccinated being hospitalised than those having received two-shots and a booster.

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public health

Should Jamie Oliver Take Over The Pandemic Plan – Seriously

This article by Guy Hatchard emphasises how those running pandemic plans around the world, so-called Public Health Experts, seem to have lost touch with the fundamentals of good health and instead see health as the result of pharmacology.

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Both Left and Right Open up Deep Wounds of Division

We need to acknowledge fundamental divisions in society are growing, and recognise they are based on real pains – especially in terms of economic struggles – and then have political conversations and debates that aren’t plagued with intolerance, nastiness, and smears.

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voices for freedom

Let’s Talk About Wednesday

The following article is written by Alia at Voices for Freedom. It is both an encouragement and an appeal to all of us, to keep up the fight!

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pandemic treaty

WHO’s Plans for a Global Pandemic Treaty

While many are celebrating (and rightly so) in response to the easing of mandates and the relinquishing of the vaccine pass, we remain cautiously vigilant. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to take the time to celebrate the small concessions and enjoy the partial restoration of some liberties. But after taking pause for few moments respite, it’s eyes to the horizon, with a view to what may come next.

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new world order

President Biden Chillingly Declares a New World Order

That’s it. The president has confirmed something that, up until now, was laughed at as the paranoid delusions of the “weak” minded, those whose perennial curse is that they see a kaleidoscope where others only see isolated dots. This week, President Biden confirmed to business leaders that we are at an inflection point, and there will be a New World Order.

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