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data irregularities

Has the Ministry of Health Lost the Ability to Count?

Dr. Guy Hatchard reports on the irregularities in the daily c-19 data reported by the Ministry of Health and how the mainstream media have conveniently failed to notice that the government’s sums don’t add up.

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chantelle baker

Newshub: A Case Study in NZ Media Corruption

In this follow-up video by Chantelle Baker, she exposes how the MSM, in this case Rebecca Watson, News Editor at Newshub, seek to corrupt the news to their own ends, to purposefully mislead the New Zealand public and intentionally damage New Zealand’s democracy.

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chantelle baker

Video: Ardern Lied About Mandate Plans

This video by Chantelle Baker, featuring the results of her recent Official Information request, shows that the Prime Minister lied about plans to introduce vaccine mandates, and how the government’s C-19 plans, with vaccine mandates and passes, has been leading New Zealand directly into the new Digital Identity Trust Framework.

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Veteran New Zealand doctor

Letter to a Pro-Vaccine Scientist

Guy Hatchard writes: I am seldom offered the opportunity to communicate with pro-vaccine scientists.

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Don’t Like Woke Business? What Are You Going to Do?

This article by Dark Jester on The BFD is not only a commentary on the new fad for corporations to virtue signal their woke credentials, it contains some simple advice on what to do about it – and an hilarious spoof-not-spoof commercial made by the Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boering.

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elon musk twitter

Did Elon Musk Just Save Free Speech?

In this article, Jonathan Miltamore argues that Elon Musk’s purchase of almost ten percent of Twitter shares, making him the company’s largest shareholder, could be a positive sign for free speech.

But arguably, when one of the largest media platforms in the world falls under the control of by far the richest man in the world, nothing much has changed.

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new zealand

What Came Unstuck in New Zealand?

For two years, New Zealand has largely avoided Covid by strictly controlling its borders. During 2021, the Pfizer vaccine was rolled out to 90% of the eligible population. Therefore in the virtual absence of any confounding effect of Covid infection, NZ should be a unique source of invaluable data on vaccine safety and indeed the government maintains it has all been a huge success.

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crimes against humanity

Crimes Against Humanity Tour

This video outlines the links between the global pandemic, the Great Reset, aka the Forth Industrial Revolution, The World Economic Forum and the future for all of us.

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