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neil oliver

Who Has Been Swimming Naked?

Neil Oliver does it again in his weekly editorial piece on UK’s GBN News. Doing as a true journalist should, he holds the powerful to account and excoriates the media for their complicity in advancing the authoritarian policies announced by governments over the past two years.

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Would the Real Chris Luxon Please Stand Up

The Redbaiter gives his view on National’s new leader, Christopher Luxon.

Is it so extraordinary that the electorate should expect their parliamentary representatives to convey their views clearly, concisely and honestly, and without the requirement for the recipient to hold an advanced degree in Media Spin in order to figure out what is being said?

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preliminary warning

Forty-Year-Old Film Tells of What is Happening Today

This short video was sent in by a regular reader of In Other News. It shows a clip from the 1981 movie, Preliminary Warning.

It is all probably just a coincidence right? Right??

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courage decision

Fear Is a Reaction, Courage Is a Decision

There was a time when I dismissed Cam Slater. I thought of him as one of those highly politicised crack-pots who seek to glorify everything that one party does, while demonising all acts and utterances of the other.

But my view has changed. I now think that in a way, this whole Covid business has been the making of Cameron Slater.

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post scientific age

It’s Time For A Post Scientific Age

YouTuber Thomas Sheridan argues that the scientific process has been so degraded that we are are now in a Post Scientific Age.

Sheridan is an author, artist and film maker from Dublin, Ireland who came to international recognition in 2011 with the book Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath.

In this video he argues passionately and at times loudly, that society no longer cares about reality and that parents are now preparing to sacrifice their children to corporations.

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jordan peterson

Jordan Peterson: The Collapse of Our Values is a Greater Threat Than Climate Change

When society forgets its moral values nihilism and terror reign. The internationally best-selling author and clinical psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson joins Steven Edginton to discuss the moral crisis facing the West, how people become radicalised and what is filling the void religion once held within society.

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