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Canada PM Trudeau Seeking to Forcibly Silence News Outlets

In this report from Fox News, Tucker Carlson reveals how the Trudeau government will require media outlets to seek a licence from a secret government panel and further, will force social media platforms and search engines to down-rank non-licenced content and boost government approved content.

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Don’t Like Woke Business? What Are You Going to Do?

This article by Dark Jester on The BFD is not only a commentary on the new fad for corporations to virtue signal their woke credentials, it contains some simple advice on what to do about it – and an hilarious spoof-not-spoof commercial made by the Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boering.

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crimes against humanity

Crimes Against Humanity Tour

This video outlines the links between the global pandemic, the Great Reset, aka the Forth Industrial Revolution, The World Economic Forum and the future for all of us.

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pandemic treaty

WHO’s Plans for a Global Pandemic Treaty

While many are celebrating (and rightly so) in response to the easing of mandates and the relinquishing of the vaccine pass, we remain cautiously vigilant. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to take the time to celebrate the small concessions and enjoy the partial restoration of some liberties. But after taking pause for few moments respite, it’s eyes to the horizon, with a view to what may come next.

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new world order

President Biden Chillingly Declares a New World Order

That’s it. The president has confirmed something that, up until now, was laughed at as the paranoid delusions of the “weak” minded, those whose perennial curse is that they see a kaleidoscope where others only see isolated dots. This week, President Biden confirmed to business leaders that we are at an inflection point, and there will be a New World Order.

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john pilger

War In Europe And The Rise of Raw Propaganda

Veteran journalist John Pilger wrote in February this year on how we in the west now live in a world controlled by propaganda and laments how truth has now become all but meaningless in modern political and commercial life. His analysis of the situation in Ukraine is at once refreshing and depressing.

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larry sanger

The Establishment Left Radicals Have Taken Over Wikipedia

Wikipedia co-founder, Larry Sanger tells Neil Oliver, The Establishment Left radicals have taken over the website.

In this video he discusses how Wikipedia can no longer be trusted to be a neutral source of information as it was originally intended.

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biological warfare

We Live in a Very Dangerous World

Dr. Guy Hatchard shares a chilling vision of modern warfare in which biological and biotechnical weapons are a dystopian reality.

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NASA’s Great Big, No Good Rocket

The tv series Chernobyl reprised an old Soviet joke: What’s big as a house, burns 20 litres of fuel every hour, puts out a shitload of smoke and noise and cuts an apple into three pieces? A Soviet machine made to cut apples into four pieces!

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