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Civil Liberties

John Campbell

An Email to John Campbell at TV One

This letter to John Campbell of TV One, from The Redbaiter website expresses the views of many New Zealanders when it comes to the MSM’s abdication of their responsibilities to New Zealand and our democracy.

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neil oliver

I Will Continue to Air My Doubts and Ask My Questions

To ask questions about events unfolding now – here at home and just a few hours plane-ride away to the east – is a test of faith and also of resolve. To admit to feeling unsure, uncertain – far less to voice doubts about so much as a word of the information broadcast around the clock from official sources about the war in Ukraine – is to risk personal and professional ruin.

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wellington protest

And They Wonder Why We Hate Them

Cam Slater tears a strip off the pollies down in Wellington, using their own words against them. And it is clear that not one of them has any idea what occurred on the grounds of parliament on Wednesday, or has any concept of the reality of the protest and the protesters.

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The Fight Goes On

Following the sickening behaviour of the police in Wellington yesterday, where they used tear-gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray and general violence to break up a peaceful protest at parliament, I attended a stand-up protest outside the Henderson District Police Station.

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The Tyranny Is Upon Us All

To my mind, Cam Slater has shown himself, through his writing during the Covid Era, to have had something of an epiphany. Where in the past, I didn’t agree with much he said, he has during the past two years been absolutely on point.

Today, I share the passion and the disgust for what our parliament, our government and our police have become. And like Cam, I feel today that I want to do everything within my power to see the end of every party currently in parliament.

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west auckland

Diary of a Reluctant Anarchist

In 1981 during the Springbok Tour Protests, I was 15 years old and perhaps the only topic I knew less about than the apartheid system in South Africa, was rugby. I may have been an unusual kiwi kid, sure I enjoyed my sports, but rugby just wasn’t one I was particularly interested in. And besides, when a 15 year-old kid shows interest in international politics, society probably ought to keep a watchful eye and a big net close at hand; this one is going to be trouble.

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A Rising Swell

Following on the heels of yesterday’s landmark High Court decision which overturned the government’s illegal c-19 vaccine mandates for both the police and armed forces, thousands of New Zealanders marched over Auckland Harbour Bridge today, demanding that the government end all vaccine mandates by 01 March.

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harbour bridge hikoi

Auckland Harbour Bridge Hikoi

Images from the Auckland Harbour Bridge Freedom March, on Saturday 26 February 2022.

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